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With the coming of new technology, a lot has evolved when it comes to your restroom and toilets. Sensor urinal or auto flush is a feature that is available for toilets and urinals. Its basically comes with an infrared sensor that can identify when someone is standing in front of the urinal and has moved away, it then activates the flush system. You will more commonly find them in workplaces and public restrooms.

Proper cleanliness and sanitation: Having sensor urinal, you are ensured that everything is cleaned automatically and properly without the use of hands. Even if at any time, a person forgets to flush the auto flush feature takes care of it.

Long lifespan: As it is hands-free, there is less wear and tear and no mishandling which lessens the chance of any damage. This makes sensor urinals last longer.

Reduction in water wastage: The main advantage of sensor urinals is that they are sensitive to movement and flush only when it is needed so they reduce water being wasted. You will always see a time delay in one flush to another so the user just can’t flush again and again.

Easy to use: These are very easy to use units for elderly and young children as it completely flushes the waste material maintaining hygiene, unlike the traditional flush systems that at times do incomplete flushing. A user can be of any age or height and need not worry about not being able to reach the flush button or even forget flushing, auto flush feature is a blessing.

With all such advantages, Sensor Urinal is a modern technology that one must have in their restroom in order to avoid germs, bacteria, diseases, maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness and also save water.

4 Benefits Of Owning A Smart Toilet
Smart toilets were popularized in Japan and have been a common feature in most of the Japanese homes since the 1980s. These kinds of toilets can be considered a great improvement to the health and personal care of people who use them due to the many great features that they have. These kinds of toilets are also good for people who want a more efficient flushing system, among other great features. So, what are some of the advantages of owning this kind of a toilet? Well, here are 4 benefits of owning a smart toilet:

1. They are easy to use: This is probably one of the biggest advantages that these toilets have over the traditional type of toilets. With the smart toilet, you do not have to flush them as they automatically flush once one gets up and moves away. As such, you can be assured that waste will never have to stay sitting in the bathroom for a long time. They are definitely good for families that have small children who will not remember to flush the toilet all the time. They are also good for people with mobility issues as you do not have to twist and turn as you use the toilets.

2. There is a reduced risk of overflowing: Smart toilets come with sensors that are built in to determine the levels of water within the toilet. For this reason, they will prevent overflowing as they will automatically shut when they detect any form of overflow. In the event of a clog, the smart toilet will flush for a short while and then shut so as not to prevent water wastage and will not flash again until the clog is removed. With this in mind, your smart toilet will help you reduce the risk of water damage and improve the degree of cleanliness in your bathroom.3. They are environmentally friendly: The smart toilets help in water conservation. Compared with the traditional toilets, they use less water because they only use water that is just enough to flush the waste within them. When not flushing something solid, these toilets are able to detect this and as such, they will use less water, unlike the traditional toilets that use the same amount of water for all the flushing needs. Other than being environmentally friendly, these toilets will ensure you will pay less in water bills.

4. Instant cleaning and health tracking: There are some smart toilets that can clean their bowls. This is due to the fact that these bowls are made of zirconium coating that is non-stick and therefore prevents waste and mineral build up. They also kill odor-causing bacteria and therefore keep the bathroom fresh all the time. It is also possible for people with severe conditions to benefit since the smart toilet can be connected to a smartphone app and the doctor’s office so that stool and urine analysis can be done by the toilet and the results sent to the user and their doctor. For instance, a diabetic would benefit from a smart toilet that can analyze and inform them of their sugar levels.

The Benefits of Bathtubs
Nothing feels better than a relaxing soak in the bath after a long, hard day. It’s where we can enjoy a good book, sip on some bubbly and indulge in some peace and quiet. Baths are brilliant for setting the design scheme of your bathroom and never fail to bring a touch of elegance to any decor. Aside from the aesthetic benefits however, there is a lot more to bathing than what meets the eye. As well as helping us to relax, there are a number of health benefits associated with bathing in hot water. This makes bathing an ideal option for those who need to improve blood circulation or want to de-stress. Take a look at the ways in which you can benefit from a shiny new bathtub.

They can transform your bathroom: Bathtub design has moved on in leaps and bounds over the last few years, and thankfully there are some fabulous solutions for you to choose from. A new bathtub can offer a fresh new look or completely transform your bathroom if chosen carefully

Increase property value: Having a bath can dramatically improve the marketing of your property and subsequently increase the house price. Without a bath, it may take longer than usual to sell your house and may affect how much buyers are prepared to offer. This is because young children tend to need a bath, and a lot of first-time buyers usually looking to create a family-orientated environment. If a young family is looking to buy a 3 bed semi-detatched house, then having no bath is likely to put them off.

Numerous Health Benefits: Bathing is not only relaxing, but healthy for you too! Hydrotherapy has been practised for centuries as both the use of hot and cold water can have beneficial effects on the body. Bathing is linked to a number of scientifically proven health benefits to ensure optimal health of the mind and body.

Drop-In Bathtubs: What You Need to Know
Drop-in bathtubs can add an air of elegance to a bathroom that can't be rivaled by a standard alcove tub. They can fit in with just about any decor, and since the rim reduces splashing, they are a great option for those who like deep soaks. Even with all its benefits, there are some downsides to the drop-in bathtub, and you should give a lot of thought to this choice before you buy a tub.A drop-in tub is a tub basin with no finished sides that needs to be "dropped" into a base. Once a drop-in tub has been installed, the only part of the tub that is visible is the interior and the rim. The base enclosure around the tub is called a surround, deck or platform. This is commonly recessed into an alcove, but it can be a freestanding structure or can even fit directly into the floor for a floor-level tub. Surrounds can be made with nearly any water-safe building material, allowing drop-in bathtubs to perfectly match any bathroom decor style. Once you're aware of the different types of tubs available, you can start comparing the benefits and drawbacks of one style over the others to determine which one is right for you. Some advantages of drop-in tubs include:

Drop-in bathtubs are bigger and offer more style choices than alcove tubs.
They have practically unlimited design options when it comes to the base and tub, including flexibility with tub placement and installation height.

The raised rim keeps in water better than other undermount or alcove tubs, making these tubs a preferred design for those seeking deep soaker bathtubs.

There are nearly unlimited design options when it comes to the combination of the custom-built surround and the tub.

The Pros & Cons of Freestanding Bathtubs
Let’s face it, freestanding bathtubs are more appealing, whether you like contemporary or classic design. They’ve been actually popular in recent years because not just are they gorgeous, but most are in fact created for individuals who wish to enjoy a bath. They make a strong style declaration in a space and they can be found in an unbelievable range of shapes and sizes, allowing you to personalize your bathroom’s style to a tee. On the other hand, there are some useful benefits to integrated bath tubs, particularly in the smaller sized areas a lot of us are now residing in. They just fit much better in most bathrooms and they are often simpler to use and tidy. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both choices. Here at South End Plumbing, we’re fans of both styles, as they both have advantages and downsides. But each is not for everyone, and not for every restroom. It is necessary to consider your space and think about what will fit the very best. Our guide will give you everything you need to understand to make the ideal decision. Ah, the tasty freestanding tub. It’s hard to get past it– these tubs look so very trendy. They attract attention, quickly getting your eye when you go into the restroom. They can be a little not practical sometimes, however fans of freestanding tubs will forgive all else just for the look.


Options – A freestanding tub can fit any design. From the timeless claw-foot to a modern egg shape, there is no limit to the irregularity of freestanding tubs. They aren’t restricted by the requirement to fit between walls or into tile, so their designers have the ability to be more innovative with the shape.

Style – The majority of people who select a freestanding tub do so because of the appearance. It’s special, and it makes a declaration that is often related to luxury– most high-end day spas will utilize freestanding tubs.

Ease of Install – Compared to a built-in tub, a freestanding tub is painless to install. Instead of a decorator and a tile guy, you’ll likely simply need a plumber.

Location – Freestanding tubs permit you to use your area more creatively. Want a tub directly under a skylight in the middle of the room? Why not! While built-in tubs might require 2 or more walls for their install, with freestanding tubs anything goes!


Expense – Freestanding tubs are usually more costly than built-in tubs, even when setup is considered. This is because they are more complicated to build and have more style flourishes.

Weight – Freestanding tubs can be very heavy, often requiring an enhanced floor. It holds true that you can buy fiberglass models, however these are less typical and can be more costly. They are also normally larger, and that implies they weigh more when filled with water.

No Shower – If you want to combine a shower with a tub, an integrated tub is the way to go. It is possible to mount a shower to a freestanding tub, however it tends to look ungainly and needs a wrap-around curtain. Some featured a small hand-held unit for rinsing, so if you’re content with that you’ll be okay.


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